Clinical Trials

AmbitCare November 14, 2022 In this blog post, we will discuss what clinical trials are, the benefits of clinical trials, and how to find a clinical trial that is right for you and your loved one. What is a Clinical Trial? A clinical trial is a study or form of research that investigates the safety […]

Individualized Education Plans

AmbitCare November 14, 2022 In this blog post, we will discuss what an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is, and how you can get one for your child.   What is an IEP?  An Individualized Education Plan, also referred to as an IEP, is a cornerstone of America’s special education system. It is covered by the Individuals […]

Angelman Syndrome

AmbitCare June 25, 2022 “For the first few months, Madden was the perfect baby. He didn’t really cry and was happy all the time. Around six months, we noticed he wasn’t doing as much as our daughters had – he wasn’t as active, didn’t babble. Our doctor mentioned that he was a little delayed at […]

Can diet cause seizures?

AmbitCare June 27, 2022 Every Child Needs a Variety of Healthy Foods Everyone, including children who have seizures, should consume many types of healthy foods. A healthy diet can aid in the development of a child that is living with a seizure disorder. In general, this would include proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and dairy. […]

Dravet Syndrome

AmbitCare June 27, 2022 What is Dravet Syndrome? Dravet syndrome (DS) is a severe form of epilepsy. It is characterized by regular, prolonged seizures that are frequently triggered by high body temperature (hyperthermia), difficulty speaking, difficulty walking, muscle weakness, difficulty sleeping, developmental delay (not reaching milestones at the right time), and various other health problems. Dravet […]

Dup15q Syndrome

AmbitCare June 27, 2022 What is Dup15q Syndrome? Dup15q Syndrome (15q11-q13 duplication syndrome) is a genetic developmental disorder characterized by a wide range of signs and symptoms.   The prevalence of Dup15q Syndrome is not well known. It could be as high as 1 in 5,000 people in the general population. People with intellectual disabilities are thought […]

Mowat-Wilson Syndrome

AmbitCare June 27, 2022 As in the case of Lennon, learning about MWS has been a slow and difficult journey. However, there are some things parents can do. After receiving a diagnosis, it’s important to work with your child’s pediatrician and team of specialists to develop an active management plan. Mowat-Wilson Syndrome “Lennon was born […]

Rett Syndrome

AmbitCare June 27, 2022 “Everything was normal during my pregnancy and birth with my daughter, Isabella. It was not until she started playing with her cousin, who was about the same age that I noticed some differences. Isabella had less muscle tone and could barely sit up. She was almost too good of a baby […]


AmbitCare June 27, 2022 In this blog post, we will explore the most common causes of seizures, different types of seizures, and how to manage seizures. Is my child experiencing seizures? If your child appears to be having seizures, but you’re unsure, it can be challenging and stressful. This blog explains what seizures are, the […]