How it works

How AmbitCare's free genetic services work

AmbitCare provides you and your patients 1:1 support at every step of the medical journey.

The AmbitCare workflow can be calibrated to enable you to be as involved as you would like to be at each step of the process:

Patient Identification

Qualified* patients are identified through referrals or online assessment for caregivers and adult patients

Connection to AmbitCare

Patients get connected with an AmbitCare Ambassador who provides 1:1 support throughout the process.

Pre-Test Genetic Counseling

Patients receive virtual pre-test genetic counseling from our genetic services partner, DNAVisit**.


Patients receive genetic testing (if recommended).

Sample is collected at home or in office through saliva or buccal swab.

Post-Test Genetic Counseling

Patients receive post-test genetic counseling and support, with connections to additional resources.

Patients and physicians receive ongoing support and notification if relevant variants are re-classified.

Physicians receive all genetic counseling reports and test results, with optional consultation with the genetic counselor at any time.

Patients who have received prior testing outside of the AmbitCare program are also eligible for free post-test counseling.

Ready to connect or have questions?

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**DNAVisit is AmbitCare's trusted genetics partner

  • Licensed genomics experts in all 50 states
  • Provides patients and physicians direct access to genetic counselor and all notes and test results