Take back control of genetic testing decisions

Insurance and cost too often drive decisions on genetic testing for patients with seizures and developmental delays. Find out how AmbitCare’s free genetic services put you back in the driver’s seat.

“It does not feel like a collaborative process. It feels like us shouting over the walls of the castle, hoping that the king is awake and listening.”
–Academic pediatric neurologist

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More than 50% of patients with rare genetic epilepsies have not been diagnosed,1 preventing them from receiving the full benefits of precision medicine.

Genetic diagnosis can lead to management changes in up to 72% of patients,2 providing insight for medication selection, dietary management, care coordination, and prognosis, as well as unlocking opportunities for clinical trial participation for patients with underlying conditions linked with genetic factors, such as Dravet, KCNQ2, SYNGAP1, and other rare developmental and epileptic encephalopathies (DEEs).

Despite the opportunity to improve care and outcomes, insurers rather than physicians are often de facto decision makers on genetic testing.

A healthcare provider may successfully fight through multiple rounds of insurance approvals only to have a patient decline genetic testing due to prohibitive out-of-pocket costs. Moreover, insurance may only cover limited testing that fails to identify the underlying genetic cause.

AmbitCare allows you to take back control of genetic testing decisions for your patients.

As part of our mission to accelerate diagnosis for rare disease patients, we provide genetic counseling and testing at no cost to eligible patients, without insurance hassles for you and your staff. Appointments can be made with our team within a week, freeing you from scheduling constraints that often limit the accessibility of local genetics specialists. We maintain transparent lines of communication with you, so that you always know what’s going on with your patient.

Find out if you have patients who qualify

By answering just a couple of quick questions, you can tell us if you have eligible patients. If so, we will be in touch to set up time to tell you more about how to make AmbitCare available in your practice. If not, we are continually growing our program, so we will keep you updated if our criteria expand to include other patients you may have in your practice.


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