Helping you find answers for your child one next step at a time.

You want to understand why your child is experiencing seizures and developmental delays. We can help.

The journey to finding a diagnosis is hard, but we’re fixing it.

Understanding why your child is experiencing seizures and developmental delays is exhausting. It can feel like you’re going in circles with no end in sight.

Ambit is dedicated to serving families of children who are experiencing seizures and developmental delays. We create connections that lead to next steps—the next steps tailored to your child.

Your story & our expertise can combine to give you your next step.

Without connections, it’s hard to find solutions, answers, or support. Ambit connects patients with doctors, clinical trials, testing, and more—connections that lead to next steps so that you can have hope in every tomorrow.

Because your story is unique, we want to talk to you one to one. Our Ambit Ambassador is dedicated to listening to you and helping you decide what your next step should be.

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Be empowered with information relevant to you.

Our team understands the healthcare landscape—especially the nuances for children with seizures and developmental delays. We are working to provide you with accurate and accessible information that is relevant to your story.

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“It’s really hard when you don’t know. But when you do know, it’s hard too. The journey is up and down, but we have hope that there are studies being done that can help my daughter and her community.”

There is a next step. Let us help you find the right one.