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You want to understand why your child is experiencing seizures and developmental delays. We can help.

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Without connections, it’s hard to find solutions, answers, or support. AmbitCare connects patients with doctors, clinical trials, testing, and more.

We want to talk to you one on one to help create next steps that are tailored to your child. Our Ambit Ambassadors are dedicated to listening to you and connecting you with resources, including access to genetic counseling if your child qualifies.

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* Please note that while Ambit Ambassadors can help you better understand what resources are available for families with children suffering from seizures and developmental delays, they are not licensed medical providers and thus can neither diagnose any disease or disorder nor endorse or recommend any specific medical treatments.

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Our team understands the healthcare landscape—especially the nuances for children with seizures and developmental delays. We are working to provide you with accurate and accessible information that is relevant to your story.

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Genetic Services

"The doctors told us that we might never know what's wrong with our son. That was probably the most painful thing. That was hard."

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